Group fitness

All of our classes are taught by experienced, enthusiastic instructors who will support you through every workout and make sure you not only sweat, but also have fun! Be sure to check our schedule page to see the day and time each class is offered.

P90-X® LIVE!

P90-X® LIVE! is a 50-minute strength training class for all levels. Formatted by the top selling at-home fitness program P90-X and creator Tony Horton. This sweat inducing, muscle pumping class is designed to get your entire body stronger. Equipment is used and provided. Bring water!


Be strong at the barre! Barre classes, a national fitness mainstay, effectively strengthens, lengthens and tones muscles, while also increasing flexibility and fine-tuning postural alignment. Lower body work begins at the barre followed by Pilates-style mat work for arms and core. Deep, stress-releasing stretches are offered throughout the session. Exercises are performed in bare feet or socks with grips. No dance background is required, and all fitness levels are welcome and challenged.


This class has it all. You'll start with a warmup sequence you can do at your own pace, then skill and strength work with weights, stations usually follow, then a short workout combination at the end that pushes you to finish strong. It is a fun, interactive class designed to help you BE STRONG.