Massage Therapy

You’ll be in good hands with our experienced and licensed massage therapists, who hold degrees in integrated health care and therapeutic massage. Our cozy, private treatment room with a fireplace and dim lighting is perfect for your session. We offer Swedish and deep tissue massage options tailored specifically to your needs. Both massage modalities flush out toxins and increase your body’s own ability to heal.
You may purchase any of our massage offerings online below, but all appointments need to be scheduled in advance. Stop in or call 585-697-4871.

Back Pain Rescue

A 30-minute massage on the back, neck and shoulders followed by 20 minutes of reflexology (and stretching if necessary) for a total of 50 minutes.

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Be Stretched

Our new assisted stretching service helps you take stretching to the next level and really benefit! This hands-on approach, along with relaxation techniques, helps you increase mobility in your muscles and joints. You’ll also feel the tension you currently have unwind and fade away. Stretching benefits include reduced tension, improved posture, increased range of motion, reduced back pain and fewer headaches. This service provide so much relief, it’s a must try! Add this 30 minute service to a massage appointment too!

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Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer pressure during deep tissue massage relieves chronic muscle tension, and reduces soreness and spasms. Deep tissue massage increases blood flow, which aids your body’s own healing abilities. This modality is particularly beneficial to runners and athletes, and is often prescribed by doctors or chiropractors to relieve migraines and tension headaches.

Spa Package

Spa packages include your choice of a 60 or 30 minute massage, a hand paraffin dip, and a foot soak and scrub, including foot massage. It's the ultimate treatment to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Swedish Massage

Using light pressure techniques, Swedish massage (also called classic massage) is perfect for relaxation and comfort, reducing stress, improving circulation and gently easing mild muscle soreness.